Exact Match Data

Introducing Excess Injectors Exact Match Data:

When you purchase a set of Excess Injectors, you not only receive high-performance injectors but also gain access to the Exact Match Data app. This app allows you to unlock the full potential of your injectors by providing access to comprehensive testing and matching data. With the Exact Match Data app, you can download customized data specific to your injectors, ensuring optimal compatibility with a range of ECU software. The app empowers you to maximize your engine's performance by fine-tuning fuel flow and dead times. By utilizing the precise matching capabilities of Excess Injectors, you can achieve enhanced fuel efficiency, improved engine performance, and reduced emissions. With Excess Injectors and the Exact Match Data app, you can take control and experience the benefits of precise and consistent injector performance.

  • Over 6,500 flow points measured on each injector to create a flow profile
  • 1,200 flow samples recorded to measure the high flow slope
  • High flow slopes matched within 1% in every set
  • Dead times matched within 2% in every set

When installing the injectors, you simply load the corresponding tune file created specifically for that set. There is no requirement to trim the data, as the trimming is already incorporated within the data itself. This is because the data is precisely tailored to perfectly match the characteristics of the injector set.

Each individual set of injectors is accompanied by its own customized tuning data, which is developed based on the performance of that particular set during testing. It's important to note that no two sets utilize the exact same data, as each set is unique in its properties and performance.

For instance, if you have a set of 1000cc injectors that are all tightly matched at 943cc, you would download the corresponding data at 943cc. Additionally, the deadtimes (the time taken for the injector to fully open and close) will also align with the deadtimes of your specific injector set.


Customized data downloads for:



    Data downloads for the different software and ECU’s are all formatted how the software likes the information presented


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