High Performance BMW 540i E39 M62 Fuel Injectors

About Excess Fuel Injectors For BMW 540i E39 M62

Experience an uplift in performance with an Excess Injector for your BMW 540i E39 M62. We have developed a range of high-quality BMW 540i E39 M62 fuel injectors engineered to take your vehicle’s performance to the next level.

Our high-performance fuel injectors for BMW 540i E39 M62 have been developed to be arguably the world’s best upgrade to your existing fuel system. They offer precise and optimized fuel delivery for maximum horsepower and smooth control.

When you purchase a set of Excess Injectors, you not only receive high-performance injectors but also gain access to the Exact Match Data app. This app allows you to unlock the full potential of your BMW 540i E39 M62 injectors by providing access to comprehensive testing and matching data.

Shop from our wide range of fuel injector sizes including 710cc, 1000cc, 1100c, 1200cc and 1500cc. Perfectly achieve your desired engine and driving outcomes with our injector calculator created to help you maximize the performance of your BMW 540i E39 M62.

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BMW 540i E39 M62 Fuel Injector FAQs

How do I access tuning data for my BMW 540i E39 M62 fuel injectors?

Accessing tuning data for your BMW 540i E39 M62 fuel injectors is a straightforward process designed to empower enthusiasts and professionals alike. Simply gather the serial numbers from two different injectors within your set and visit our dedicated Data Download platform. Input the serial numbers to gain access to an exclusive online portal tailored specifically for your vehicle. From there, you can easily download comprehensive tuning data in your preferred format, providing invaluable insights into injector performance and optimizing engine calibration.

What's the maximum fuel pressure rating for Excess Injectors for BMW 540i E39 M62?

Excess Injectors for the BMW 540i E39 M62 are engineered to withstand fuel pressures of up to 8 bar (116 psi) reliably. It's crucial to consider both your base fuel pressure and any additional boost pressure to ensure that the total pressure remains within the recommended limit. This ensures optimal fuel delivery, unleashing the full potential of your BMW 540i E39 M62 while maintaining reliability and performance integrity.

What pressure rating do BMW 540i E39 M62 injectors have?

All Excess Injectors for the BMW 540i E39 M62 are clearly rated at 3 bar (43.5 psi). We believe in transparent communication, so you won't find any confusing specifications. Unlike some competitors who might advertise a higher injector rating (e.g., 1650cc) with a disclaimer mentioning a lower pressure (e.g., 4 bar) elsewhere in the description, Excess provides clear and consistent pressure ratings across our entire fuel injector range for BMWs.