High Performance BMW M3 E36 Fuel Injectors

About Excess Fuel Injectors For BMW M3 E36

Revitalize the iconic performance of your beloved BMW M3 E36 with a surge of renewed power delivered by our high-performance fuel injectors. These meticulously engineered injectors are designed to optimize fuel delivery for the revered S50 or S52 straight-six engine, breathing new life into your legendary driving machine.

Our high-performance fuel injectors for BMW M3 E36 are a guaranteed upgrade to your existing fuel system. They deliver precise and controlled fuel injection, promoting significant gains in horsepower and torque. Experience the exhilarating surge of power as you awaken the true potential of your M3 E36, transforming it back into a dominating force on the road.

When you purchase a set of Excess Injectors, you don't just get the best performance parts available. You also gain access to the Exact Match Data app. This app unlocks the full potential of your BMW M3 E36 injectors by providing access to comprehensive testing and matching data specifically designed for your S50 or S52 engine.

Shop from our wide range of fuel injector sizes including 710cc, 1000cc, 1100c, 1200cc and 1500cc. Perfectly achieve your desired engine and driving outcomes with our injector calculator created to help you maximize the performance of your BMW M3 E36.

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BMW M3 E36 Fuel Injector FAQs

What size fuel injector (CC) do I need for my E36 M3?

Choosing the right size depends on your desired horsepower output. There are injector calculator online to give you a general idea, but consulting with a professional tuner is highly recommended to ensure you get the perfect fit for your goals.

Do Excess injector kits for E36 M3 include connectors?

Absolutely! Every Excess Injector kit for E36 M3 includes everything for a smooth installation, including the necessary parts to mount the injectors and connect them to the wiring harness. They typically come with single-piece connectors for convenience, but separate connectors with plugs and pins might be provided in some cases.

How can I access tuning data for my E36 M3's fuel injectors?

You can access tuning data by finding a service like Data Download. Just enter the serial numbers from two of your injectors and you'll be granted access to an online portal where you can download the data and see flow profiles for each injector.