High Performance Chevrolet Fuel Injectors

About Excess Fuel Injectors For Chevrolet

Revitalize your Chevrolet's performance with an Excess Injector. We've engineered a premium range of Chevrolet fuel injectors designed to elevate your vehicle's capabilities to unprecedented levels.

Our high-performance fuel injectors for Chevrolet are hailed as one of the world's premier upgrades for your current fuel system. Offering precise and optimised fuel delivery, they ensure maximum horsepower and seamless control, transforming your driving experience.

When you invest in a set of Excess Injectors, you not only acquire high-performance injectors but also gain entry to the Exact Match Data app. This innovative app empowers you to unleash the full potential of your Chevrolet injectors by providing comprehensive testing and matching data.

Shop from our wide range of fuel injector sizes including 710cc, 1000cc, 1100c, 1200cc and 1500cc. Perfectly achieve your desired engine and driving outcomes with our injector calculator created to help you maximize the performance of your Chevrolet.

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Chevrolet Fuel Injector FAQs

What injector size (CC) is ideal for my Chevrolet's performance?

Determining the optimal injector size (CC) for your Chevrolet involves considering various factors, primarily your desired horsepower output. While our injector calculator serves as a helpful starting point, consulting with your tuner is recommended to confirm the ideal injector size tailored to your specific goals.

Are connectors included in Excess injector kits for Chevrolet?

Absolutely! Each Excess Injector kit for Chevrolet ensures a seamless installation experience, providing all necessary components, including connectors. Whether it's fitting the injectors into the rail or connecting them to your Chevrolet's factory wiring harness, our kits prioritize convenience. We strive to offer one-piece connectors whenever feasible, without additional charges. In instances where one-piece connectors aren't available, the kit includes separate connectors with plugs and pins for easy assembly.

How do I access tuning data for my Chevrolet's fuel injectors?

Accessing tuning data for your Chevrolet's fuel injectors is simple. Gather the serial numbers from two different injectors in your set and visit our Data Download platform. Input the serial numbers to access a dedicated online portal where you can download the tuning data in your preferred format. Explore detailed flow profiles for each injector and comprehensive insights into the testing parameters used, empowering you to optimize your Chevrolet's performance.