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In Fort Worth, maximizing vehicle performance is more than just a hobby—it's a way of life. Enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike converge on Fort Worth's dynamic automotive scene in search of top-quality performance car parts. Among these essential components, performance fuel parts like high-performance fuel injectors stand out as crucial elements in enhancing engine power and efficiency. Whether you're a casual driver or a dedicated racer, Fort Worth offers a plethora of options for upgrading your vehicle's performance.

Where to buy fuel injectors in Fort Worth

Fort Worth boasts a diverse selection of specialized stores catering to the needs of performance car enthusiasts. These establishments provide a wide range of performance parts, including fuel injectors, to help drivers achieve their performance goals. 

Buy fuel injectors online with fast delivery to Fort Worth

If you need to replace an injector for any reason, you will still be able to keep a tightly grouped set of injectors. Order online and we'll deliver fast to your home or business in Fort Worth.

The information and flow characteristics of your injector set are stored on a cloud server, and we know exactly what your replacement injector needs to do to match the injector set you have in your car. We simply pick an injector that falls within 1% flow and 2% dead time of your set, and it will fit seamlessly without the need for a retune.

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About Excess Injectors

Excess Injectors has been at the forefront of performance fuel injectors, helping our customers successfully develop their passion for building better, faster, more powerful and fuel-efficient cars over the last 20 years.

When you purchase a set of Excess Injectors, not only will you receive high-performance fuel injectors but you will also gain access to the Exact Match Data app. This app allows you to unlock the full potential of your injectors by providing access to comprehensive testing and matching data. With the Exact Match Data app, you can download customized data specific to your injectors, ensuring optimal compatibility with a range of ECU software. The app empowers you to maximize your engine's performance by fine-tuning fuel flow and dead times. By utilizing the precise matching capabilities of Excess Injectors, you can achieve enhanced fuel efficiency, improved engine performance, and reduced emissions. With Excess Injectors and the Exact Match Data app, you can take control and experience the benefits of precise and consistent injector performance.


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